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Sound Recording Services 



If you're experienced, well rehearsed or just looking for 'raw' or natural sound, much like how you play live. We'd love the opportunity to record you. Also if you need just the 'raw' material for other purposes we are here to assist you.

Mixing & Mastering  


As soon as you complete your recording you'll need a professional finish to your project. We can bring out the best with a great sounding mix. With revisions until you feel satisfied, 

Once you're happy with your recording and your mix our mastering service will make sure that your track sounds great, for commercial use.

Music Equipment

Full Production


If you wish to work in-depth on your songs, for a single an EP or album.

You may need help with additional instrumentation and arrangement or perhaps you want to make a more professional 'produced' record.

Maybe you need someone to create the sounds you hear in you're mind - If you're a songwriter we can help you with our Music Production services.

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