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Nirk Molina better known as ‘Nirk' was born in Monteria-Colombia. He is a singer, percussionist and accordion player. Nirk comes from a music dynasty on behalf of his brothers from their father side Rosendo Martinez (Euphonium Player of ALFREDO GUTIERREZ) and also from his mothers side which means “Music has always been present for this gentleman”. At the age of 3 his siblings taught him to play the Guacharaca. At the age of 7 Nirk becomes the Winner besides Alfredo Gutierrez as Guacharaca player at the (Vallenato Festival in San Jacinto Bolivar Colombia). Nirk became very known in Monteria as he showed his amazing skills as a musician, he played in many local bands as he grew up. In the 1990s he decides to serve the military at the age of 17 and left in 1992, Nirk always kept his music live during the military service. Later in 1993 Nirk heard that maestro Maximo Jimenez was searching for a musician to tour around Europe, Nirk decides to take the opportunity to travel besides Maximo Jimenez and accompanied him to Vienna Austria and also around Europe and played in various Charity Community Events, Festivals and many other events, Thanks to this amazing journey Nirk ends up in the UK which has opened its doors, Nirk feels grateful with Maximo Jimenez and also with the UK which is his other home.


As Nirk establishes him self in the UK he starts his English studies. In the year 2000 he organised Los Chicos Del Vallenato band and starts to show London the native Colombian music the Vallenato music. Past the years Nirk has gained exposure and is very known in the Latin Community & British Community. The Vallenato All Stars UK is the most recent project Nirk has created to join all great exponents of the Vallenato genre in the UK. As Nirk has been playing for a long period; Playing all kinds of Vallenato Traditional & Modern and other styles of music such as Tropical Music, Cumbia Music, Salsa Music and Carlos Vives Style of Vallenato. Nirk has participated and taken the Folklore Vallenato to these prestigious places, The Reading Festival, BBC Womad Festival, BBC White City Festival, Dartford Festival and many others.


Nirk' as a percussionist has accompanied many famous Artists in the Vallenato Scene. Los Embajadores Vallenatos, Alex Manga & Los Diablitos, Luis Mateus, Los Gigantes Del Vallenato,

Los Inquietos and El Binomio De Oro: Rafael Orozco & Israel Romero. 


The target that I have together with my fellow musicians is to make this amazing Vallenato folklore known everywhere representing our Culture and our beautiful Colombia.

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