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José Hernando Arias Noguera, better known as Nando Arias, is an accordionist, instrumentalist, composer & music producer, born in London, UK, to Colombian parents. Growing up with his parents in the Colombian environment, he falls in love with Vallenato music, which is one of the most important folklores of the Colombian Caribbean coast. He is self-taught with the accordion, he learned watching VHS videos from the age of 13. From 2011 to 2014 he devoted himself to his studies as a Music Producer at LCM (LONDON COLLEGE OF MUSIC, an institution within the University of West London). Seeing that his studies finished, Nando travels to Colombia, Valledupar where the teacher Andres El Turco Gil is based, He receives Nando with the doors open to further training in the beautiful instrument the Accordion and to have more knowledge of the Vallenato roots.


Nando has had the opportunity to be part of various traditional music bands, pop music bands, Mexican Mariachi bands and many other genres, as well as directing them as musical director. Los Arias Bros Vallenato UK Exponents, is a multicultural musical group in London in the United Kingdom that celebrates the Vallenato music tradition. Formed in 2012, the group was inspired to continue and highlight our Vallenato folklore across Europe and the world, having been chosen as the third prodigy of the BBC ACADEMY ROUTES OF THE WORLD 2012. The experience was wonderful and thanks to the team The BBC Radio that made the dream come true of recording a documentary related to Colombian culture, its roots, its people, its traditions and of course its folk music.


Among Nando’s dreams he always wanted to participate in the FESTIVAL DE LA LEYENDA VALLENATA that came true and that was held in the 2012 edition of the forty-fifth. It was satisfying, moving and impressive, so he was able to fulfil one of his greatest dreams and get to know the world capital of Vallenato, Valledupar.


As part of the BBC program ROUTES OF THE WORLD ACADEMY the participation in the emblematic classic theatre "ROYAL ALBERT HALL" the Proms Nando carried our folklore Vallenato and also in other events such as BARBICAN Theatre, WOMAD FESTIVAL, CHANNEL 4, BBC ONE, THE UK PARLIAMENT, JORGE ELIECER GAITAN BOGOTA and many others that bear the name of our folklore.


Life gave Nando the blessing of being able to work and alternate with great artists such as Carlos Vives, Juan Piña, Binomio De Oro, Lisandro Meza, Andrés El Turco Gil, Bacilos, Andrés Cepeda, La Papayera UK, The Mariachis Doritos, The Mexican Way and many more.


As an actor Nando has worked in short films, commercials and music videos,  Nando had the opportunity to work with Netflix as a musician for the English series "THE CROWN". History based on British royal family and the life of "QUEEN ELIZABETH"


In 2017, LOS ARIAS BROS UK PRODUCTIONS was born, a record label that focuses on helping developing artists in Europe and Latin America of any type of musical genre, at the same time the idea of ​​forming a band called "PASSIDION" emerged. Our mission is to merge our Vallenato while preserving the essence and feeling of our Maestros with other musical styles, transmitting it in the English language, which is the universal language and of course the Spanish versions for our Hispanic listeners.


In 2021, NANDO’S MUSICAL SERVICE’S arises, a company located in London UK, The CEO is Nando,  

Nando’s Musical Services offers a multi service platform specialised in 4 different services of high quality. Where Nando offers Live Performance Events, Music Production Services, Music Teaching & Art Craft Artisans. However the Music production service (HalleHim Productions) is partnered with Los Arias Bros Productions Record Label. 


So far this has been the journey with many experiences, teachings that has Nando has gone through successfully, and intends to keep working hard to get the Colombian & Latin American culture and art known to the world.