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Laura Inés Arias Noguera better known as ‘Laurita Inés’ or ‘Laura Arias’. Born on August 20, 1997 in London, United Kingdom to Colombian parents. She is a singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and percussionist. “Music has always surrounded Laura since before she was born when she was still inside her mother." Laura’s maternal and paternal grandparents were musicians and singers. Music flows in my veins Laura says. ’ At the age of 7, Laura started dancing for a Colombian Latin folk band in London. My great inspiration has been my brother José Hernando Arias Noguera better known as 'Nando Arias' (winner of the BBC's 2012 World Routes Academy, accordionist and music director Laura says. Laura choreographed and accompanied the folk band for five years. When she was 11 years old Laura started to focus on her singing. I composed my first song at the age of 12 Laura Says, titled 'You Know I Love You'. As a bilingual, she thought about the fundamentals of being able to sing in both languages ​​as English (the universal language) and Spanish. From a young age, Lauras passion for acting began when she watched Colombian, Mexican soap operas and Hollywood movies.


Laura has been invited to participate in music videos, short films, dances, TV productions and theatre plays. Laura worked with Farman Murillo one of the former members of the Doritos Mariachi Band and accompanied his musical company for two years as lead voice singing mariachi all over the UK. In 2012, together with her brother they created 'Los Arias Bros Vallenato UK Exponents' a Vallenato band focused on highlighting the Vallenato folklore in London, UK and Europe. In 2017, ‘Passidion’, a fusion band emerges from the association ‘Los Arias Bros UK Productions’ with the aim of innovating a new sound and merging different styles to create new music and original songs. In 2018 our fusion group ‘Passidion’ releases their first music single titled ‘The Day at the Lake’. From 2014-2018, Laura dedicated herself to her training and study as an actress at LCM (London College of Music, an institution within the University of West London here in the UK). Earning a degree and a title as an actress and singer. It has been a journey of self-discovery and so many wonderful experiences that have been very useful to me in my professional life Laura says. The objective that I have together with my brother Nando Arias is to make this beautiful Vallenato folklore known throughout Europe and the whole world representing our beloved Colombia. Laura says.

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