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Javier Ardila Molina, better known as Javi Molina is a Singer and Percussionist, born in Cartagena De Indias, Colombia. Growing up in this magical Colombian Caribbean Paradise surrounded by nature, Islands, sun, beaches with crystal clear waters and of course rich in art and musical art Javi falls in love with one of the most important folklores in Colombia, the Vallenato music. Javi apart from being from a musical Dynasty and being influenced by his Uncle Moises Ardila Singer of the Vallenato genre, had a great influence listening to the Folk music masters that surrounded Cartagena at that time. As a teenager Javi begins to play one of the Instruments belonging to the Vallenato trilogy (LA CAJA VALLENATA) Colombian drum of African influence. Accompanying colleagues to parranda Vallenatas, serenades and playing on the beautiful beaches of this beautiful Caribbean paradise. Javi becomes a versatile and a professional of our Vallenato music, he is very knowledgeable in various rhythms and musical genres such as La Cumbia, El Chachachá, Bolores, Bachata, Merengue, Son Cubano, Charanga and among other rhythms and musical genres. 


The gift of singing was born when Javi accompanied Los Mellos Valle, the Vallenato group in Cartagena, there it was discovered that Javi had the great talent for singing, and he developed his two arts as a singer and percussionist, many groups acclaimed and loved Javi in ​​their musical groups becuase of his professionalism and of course because of how charismatic Javi is with his people. 

Javi participated in numerous Vallenato Festivals including The Vallenato Festival In Arjona Bolivar, The Vallenato Festival In Ayapel Cordoba and among others highlighting his talent and Vallenato folklore. Javi has lived experiences and great moments with great artists, including the great Colombian writer (GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ) the winner ”(THE NOVEL PRIZE). His birthday was celebrated at a Club called“ El Laguito ”in Cartagena. He was also had a tribute that night . There were great important figures from Colombia including singers, writers, Actors-Actresses and the Caribbean television station (TELECARIBE) could not miss, which made the Country witness this great Tribute to Gabo. Javi partied with the maestro Gabo and when he interpreted those beautiful traditional musical pieces of the Vallenato folklore, it was a day that remain in history. 

In 2008 the opportunity to settle in Europe was presented, to be more exact in Madrid Spain. In Spain projects are born, among them Los Principes Del Vallenato, a group founded by Javi Molina and his colleague William Roca, who is recognized as one of the pianists of the great master, Joe Arroyo. With this group, Javi toured the European continent France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden among others, bringing the Vallenato folklore and bringing joy to his compatriots and also to the European people. It should be noted that the great master Omar geles on a musical tour, affirmed to Javi that he had a great talent as a singer and that he is a one of greats of the Vallenato folklore. 


2014 was the year where Javi settled in London, the British capital, the United Kingdom, where he met Hernando Arias, better known as Nando Arias, exponent of the Vallenato winner of the BBC World Routes in the United Kingdom, since then Javi Molina joined Los Arias Bros UK Vallenato to bring joy and groove to the British and also our Latin Community. 


Life has given Javi the opportunity to work and interact with great artists such as El Binomio De Oro, El Gran Martin Elias, Diomedes Diaz, Felipe Pelaez, Kaleth Morales, Ivan Zuleta, El Cocha Molina, Omar Geles, Marciano Martinez, Adolfo Pacheco , Enrique Diaz, and Los Hermanos Vega. And among other exponents of our Vallenata music.

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